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MC-100 Straightening Machine

The MC-100 straightening machine is an efficient equipment crafted especially for processing metals with diameters ranging from 25mm to 100mm. Renowned for its outstanding technical parameters and exc

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The MC-100 straightening machine is an efficient equipment crafted especially for processing metals with diameters ranging from 25mm to 100mm. Renowned for its outstanding technical parameters and excellent straightening results, this machine has become the preferred choice in various industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and machinery manufacturing. By seamlessly integrating high-speed straightening, precision, and cost-efficiency, the MC-100 guarantees the highest craftsmanship standards in metal materials, assuring top-notch production quality.

Key Features:

Innovative Design: The MC-100 encapsulates a plethora of advanced technologies and innovative features:

Linear Contact Straightening: Concave and convex rollers linearly touch the metal, ensuring high straightening accuracy throughout the processing length.

Constant Pressure Load Control: Employs a flexible frame structure, adapting to high-strength material straightening while ensuring substantial straightening force and enhanced safety.

Independent Hydraulic System: Facilitates convenient pressure discharge, guaranteeing safe and reliable operations.

High Value for Money: Compared to similar products, the MC-100 offers superior value and economic efficiency.

Convenient Guide Bracket: Features a gate-type structural design, making guide installation more straightforward, faster, and reliable.

Sturdy Frame Design: The integrated framework ensures high machine strength and precision in roller gap positioning.

Inverter and Brake Unit: Equipped with braking resistors, extending the inverter's lifespan.

MC-100 Straightening Machine

Technical Specifications:

Main Power SupplyAC 380V 50HZ
Control Power SupplyAC 220V 50HZ
Control System PowerDC24V
Straightening Length (Standard configuration is 6M)≧2m
Processing Range∮20-100
Straightening Speed1-18m/min
Straightening Roller Speed1-63rpm
Surface Roughness (for hot-rolled material)Ra1.6-0.8
Diameter Tolerance (excluding material head and tail 100mm)≦h8
Linearity (raw material)≦2‰
Linearity (finished product)≦0.5‰
Installed Capacity155KW
Dimensions (LxWxH in meters)15*4.5*3.5

Our Edge:

The technical parameters reveal the following advantages:

Broad Workpiece Adaptability: The machine can process workpieces ranging from 25mm to 100mm in diameter, covering most processing needs.

High-Quality Straightening: The post-straightening workpiece has a straightness of ≤0.3mm per meter, significantly improving from the pre-straightening measure of ≤3.0mm.

Exceptional Surface Treatment: Post-processing results in a surface roughness of ≤0.8μm, ensuring a smoother and more premium feel to the workpiece.

High-Speed Straightening: With straightening speeds reaching up to 2~12m/min, it meets the demands of large-scale production seamlessly.

Powerful Drive: Equipped with two 55kw main motors, ensuring continuous and stable processing performance.

Energy-Efficient Design: Despite its powerful straightening prowess, it operates at a total power of just 125kw, marking high energy efficiency relative to its performance.


Flexibility: With the ability to handle various workpiece sizes, production becomes more versatile.

Enhanced Output Value: With high straightening accuracy and superior surface finish, the end-product's quality and value see a noticeable uplift.

Increased Production Efficiency: The high straightening speed ensures continuity and efficiency in the production process.

Economic Efficiency: The combination of powerful performance with lower energy consumption offers long-term economic benefits.

Reduced Subsequent Processing: Due to excellent straightening results, some post-processing steps might be reduced or eliminated, saving time and cost.


MC-100 Straightening Machine


The MC-100 straightening machine, with its efficiency, precision, and economic attributes, finds widespread applications in:

Automotive Manufacturing: Straightening metal components and structural elements for vehicles like axles, rods, and pipelines.

Aerospace: Delivering precisely straightened metal materials for structural components of aircraft and spacecraft, ensuring accuracy and performance.

Machinery Manufacturing: Crafting precision parts like gears, bearings, and transmission rods.

Building Structures: Straightening metals for supports, beams, and pillars in large architectural and foundational projects.

Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Offering straightened metal materials for pipelines, drilling rods, and other pivotal equipment.

Shipbuilding: Ensuring precision and quality in metals for ship structures and components.

Railways and Roadway Equipment: Providing straightened metals for railway tracks, highway barriers, and other related equipment.

Metal Furniture Manufacturing: Guaranteeing the flatness and strength of metals in furniture elements like table legs and chair frames.

Power Equipment: Employed in producing metal materials for transmission towers, transformer frames, and other crucial equipment.


The broad application spectrum of this straightening machine establishes its pivotal role in modern industrial production, laying a firm foundation for the quality and performance of end-products.

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Our Services:

Before Sales:

- 24-hour online consultation.

- Sample testing support.

- Factory visits welcomed.

- Customization available.

 MC-100 Straightening Machine

After Sales:

- Training on installation and machine operation.

- Engineers available for overseas machine maintenance.

- One-year free warranty.

 MC-100 Straightening Machine


About Us:

MC-100 Straightening Machine about1.jpg

Founded in Dalian in 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to the research, production, and sales of metal peeling machines, centerless lathes, and straightening machines. Our commitment is to provide efficient and innovative solutions for the industrial sector.

Infrastructure: Spread over 66,600 sq. meters, with investments exceeding 150 million Yuan, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Team & Technology: Our team boasts over 120 professionals, including 30 technical research specialists and 10 senior title holders, backing our technological innovations and product excellence.

Global Impact: From the USA to Italy, from Vietnam to Mongolia, our product footprint spans several countries, being the trusted choice for numerous enterprises.

Our Commitment: Our core values lie in continuous innovation, technological leadership, and customer-first approach. Our goal is to lead in the field of automation equipment, aspiring to be industry frontrunners.

Partnering with Dalian Mingcheng Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. ensures efficient, stable, and high-quality production. Let's co-create the future of industrial manufacturing!

MC-100 Straightening Machine资质证明 

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MC-100 Straightening Machine - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of metal materials are suitable for the ∮100 straightening machine?

Answer: This machine is capable of processing a variety of metals with diameters ranging from 25mm to 100mm, including but not limited to steel, copper, and aluminum.

Does this machine require frequent maintenance?

Answer: Although the ∮100 straightening machine is designed for low maintenance, to ensure optimal performance and longevity, we recommend regular basic inspections and cleaning.

What quality standards do the workpieces meet after straightening?

Answer: After straightening, the workpiece achieves a straightness of ≤0.3mm per meter, a surface roughness of ≤0.8μm, and a diameter tolerance of ≤h9, ensuring superior quality and precision.

Where can I get operational training for the machine?

Answer: We offer operational training services for all our new customers. You can coordinate with our sales team to schedule an appropriate training session.


What should I do if the machine malfunctions?

Answer: Firstly, please refer to the troubleshooting guide in the user manual. If the issue persists, you can directly contact our technical support team for further guidance or to arrange on-site repairs.

How does the MC-100 model differ from other straightening machines on the market?

Answer: The MC-100 straightening machine stands out in terms of speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to many other models on the market, it offers a higher value proposition.

What are the power requirements for the equipment?

Answer: The total power requirement for the equipment is 125kw.

How can I purchase spare parts or accessories?

Answer: You can directly order all original spare parts and accessories through us to ensure complete compatibility with your machine.

We hope the above FAQs provide a clear understanding of the MC-100 straightening machine. Should you have any more queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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