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BP-80 Bar Peeling Machine

The BP-80 peeling machine is a professional metal processing equipment whose core function is to remove the outer surface layer of metal rods, tubes and wires. Not only does it effectively remove scal

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The BP-80 peeling machine is a professional metal processing equipment whose core function is to remove the outer surface layer of metal rods, tubes and wires. Not only does it effectively remove scale, rust and other undesirable impurities, it also provides a smooth, clean surface for subsequent metal processing and applications.

Main feature:

Precise peeling depth: The BP-80 peeling machine uses advanced technology to accurately control the peeling depth, thereby ensuring minimal material loss while maintaining the basic properties of the material.

High-efficiency processing: This machine is able to process large quantities of metal materials in a short time, making it ideal for mass production.

Wide range of applications: BP-80 is suitable for a variety of metals, including iron, copper, aluminum and titanium.

Environmentally Friendly: This equipment is designed to reduce metal scrap and pollution, enabling green, sustainable production.

Cost-Effectiveness: For applications that require precise dimensions, BP-80 can effectively reduce subsequent processing steps and expenses.

Equipment composition:

Main machine: including clamping and drawing devices to ensure the stability of metal materials during processing.

Feeding platform: ensure that metal materials are fed into the equipment smoothly and continuously.

Input/output roller table: The input and finished output of metal materials are completed through this.

Collection box: collects metal chips and residues generated during processing.

Hydraulic system: provides the necessary power to the machine.

Electrical System: Controls all electrical operations of the machine.

Cooling system: Ensures the machine does not overheat when running for long periods of time.

Automatic chip removal: Automatically remove metal chips to ensure efficient operation of the machine.

The BP-80 peeling machine is designed to meet the needs of the modern metal processing industry. It combines efficient performance and advanced technology to provide users with an efficient, reliable and economical solution. Whether you are in the steelmaking, automotive, aerospace or cable manufacturing industries, the BP-80 is an indispensable tool to ensure that the metal materials you produce always maintain the highest quality standards.





Main parameters

Unit typeBP-80
Main power sourceAC 380V 50HZ
Control sourceAC 220V 50HZ
System control powerDC24V
Hardnesshot rolled material ≤HB310
Peeling length(standard configuration:6m)≧2.5m
Peeling diameter range size  (raw material)∮21-85mm
Peeling diameter range size  (finished product)∮20-80mm
The knife dish formfour knife
Blade adjustment modeAdjust cutter when the machine is running
Speed of mainshaft300-1000r/min
Peeling depth(diameter)0.6-2mm
Feeding speed0.5-10m/min
Diameter toleranceh9-h11
Surface roughnessRa1.6-3.2
Out of   roundness≤0.05
Straightness (raw material)≦3‰
Straightness (finished product)≦3‰
Loading frame and unloadingframe's length(standard configuration)6m
Total power76KW
Main motor power55KW
Feed motor power3.0KW*2
Pull out motor power3.0KW*3
Hydraulic pressure station motor power3.0KW*1
chip removal device motor pwer0.75KW*1
Motor power of the shrink knife0.4KW*1
Motor power of upper and lower roller table1.1KW*1
boundary dimension16.5*4*1.9

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steel bar peeling machine manufacturers

After-sales service

* Training on how to install the machine and training on how to use the machine.

* Engineers can repair machinery overseas.

*One year free warranty.

steel bar peeling machine manufacturers

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Since being based in Dalian in 2012, we have been committed to the R&D, production and sales of metal peeling machines, centerless lathes and straightening machines, providing efficient and innovative solutions to the industry.

Strong infrastructure: The company is located on 66,600 square meters of land and has a global investment of more than 150 million yuan, ensuring the high quality and efficiency of its products.

Technology and team: We have more than 120 professionals in our team, including 30 technical R&D elites and 10 people with intermediate and senior professional titles, which provides a strong backing for the company's technological innovation and product excellence.

International influence: From the United States to Italy, from Vietnam to Mongolia, our products have been sold in many countries around the world and have become the trusted choice of many companies.

Our commitment: continuous innovation, technology leadership, and customer first are our core values. Our goal is to continue to lead in the field of automation equipment and become the leader in the industry.

Cooperating with Dalian Mingcheng is the best choice to ensure efficient, stable and high-quality production. Let’s create the future of industrial production together!

steel bar peeling machine manufacturers 

steel bar peeling machine manufacturers

BP-80 Peeling Machine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What metal materials is the BP-80 peeling machine mainly used for?

A: BP-80 peeling machine is suitable for a variety of metals, such as iron, copper, aluminum and titanium.

Can I customize the peeling machine to my needs?

Answer: Yes, the BP-80 peeling machine can be customized according to customers' specific needs.

How does the equipment's cooling system work?

A: The cooling system ensures that the machine does not overheat when running for a long time, providing a continuous flow of coolant to ensure that the machine is always at the ideal operating temperature.

How to perform daily maintenance of equipment?

A: The BP-80 peeling machine has a simple design and is easy to maintain. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided with the machine.

I am worried that the operation of the equipment is complicated. How can I learn to use it?

A: We provide detailed user manuals and operation videos, as well as on-site training when necessary, to ensure that you can operate it skillfully.

What is the production efficiency of BP-80 peeling machine?

A: This machine is capable of processing large quantities of metal materials in a short time, making it ideal for mass production.

How do I get support if I have a problem with my machine?

A: Our technical support team is standing by. You can contact us by phone, email or other methods, and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Where can I purchase original replacement parts and accessories?

A: You can contact us directly, we provide high-quality original spare parts and accessories.

What are the main differences between the BP-80 and other models?

A: BP-80 is a model designed for specific metal processing needs. Compared with other models, it may have higher efficiency or more professional functions in some aspects.

Do you provide installation services after the equipment is shipped to my facility?

A: Of course, we provide complete installation, commissioning and training services to ensure the machine runs smoothly in your factory.

I hope the above FAQs can help you better understand the BP-80 peeling machine. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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