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MC-80 Straightening Machine

MC-80 Straightening Machine: A star product in the modern metal processing industry, designed specifically for medium-diameter metal materials. With its powerful straightening ability, this machine ca

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MC-80 Straightening Machine: A star product in the modern metal processing industry, designed specifically for medium-diameter metal materials. With its powerful straightening ability, this machine can handle a variety of metals ranging from a diameter of ∮30-80mm, from conventional steel to more complex alloys. Regardless of your business size, requirements, or application, the MC-80 model is an ideal partner in the metal processing industry, ensuring production quality while optimizing workflow.

Main Features:

High-precision straightening technology: Using concave-convex roller linear contact for straightening, ensuring excellent straightening precision across its entire length.

High-strength material processing: Equipped with constant pressure load control and a flexible frame structure to provide significant straightening force for high-strength materials. This ensures equipment safety and effectively reduces the reduction in diameter at the ends of the rod.

Independent hydraulic system: Features fast and convenient pressure release, enhancing equipment safety and reliability.

High cost-performance ratio: Compared to similar products on the market, MC-80 not only offers higher quality but also at a more reasonable price.

Easy-to-install guide bracket: The door-type structure makes the installation of the guide plate convenient, quick, and reliable.

Sturdy frame design: The integral frame structure ensures the machine's high strength and precise roll gap positioning.

Enhanced inverter: Comes with a braking unit and braking resistor, significantly increasing the inverter's durability and stability.


Main Power SupplyAC 380V 50HZ
Control Power SupplyAC 220V 50HZ
Control System PowerDC24V
Straightening Length (Standard configuration is 6M)≧2m
Processing Range∮20-80
Straightening Speed1-18m/min
Straightening Roller Speed1-63rpm
Surface Roughness (for hot-rolled material)Ra1.6-0.8
Diameter Tolerance (excluding material head and tail 100mm)≦h8
Linearity (raw material)≦2‰
Linearity (finished product)≦0.5‰
Installed Capacity115KW
Dimensions (LxWxH in meters)15*4.5*3

Our Advantages:

Precision & Quality: Finished product linearity is ≦0.5‰, ensuring high-precision straightening results.

Cost-effectiveness: Superior cost-performance ratio, long-term stable operation reduces long-term operational costs.

Flexibility: Suitable for straightening lengths from 1.5-8m, meeting various production needs.

Durability & Stability: With a total weight of 18T, its robust construction guarantees the machine's longevity and stability.

 MC-80 Straightening Machine

Application Fields:

The MC-80 Straightening Machine, offering high precision and efficient straightening solutions for medium-diameter metals, is widely used across various industrial production and processing areas:

Automotive Manufacturing: For straightening various metal components such as connecting rods, shafts, gears, ensuring precision in shape and size.

Mechanical Engineering: Provides straightened metal parts for machinery and equipment like bearings, drive shafts, and hydraulic components.

Construction Industry: Used for straightening metal components of building structures like rebars, beams, and columns, providing stable support to structures.

Metal Products: Manufacturing various metal products like tools, hardware accessories, and decorative items.

Energy Sector: Straightening metal pipes and drill rods for oil, gas, and other energy projects.

Shipbuilding: Straightening metal parts in ship bodies and structures, ensuring structural strength and durability of ships.

Transportation: Producing metal structural parts for railways, bridge supports, and other transportation equipment.

Electronics Manufacturing: Provides straightened metal materials for electronic devices and components like heat sinks, frames, etc.


This efficient and reliable straightening machine is suitable for any application that requires precise metal material straightening, facilitating smoother production processes and improving product quality and cost-effectiveness.

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Our Services:

Before Sales:

- 24-hour online consultation.

- Sample testing support.

- Factory visits welcomed.

- Customization available.

 Application areas of straightening machines

After Sales:

- Training on installation and machine operation.

- Engineers available for overseas machine maintenance.

- One-year free warranty.

 Application areas of straightening machines


About Us:


Founded in Dalian in 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to the research, production, and sales of metal peeling machines, centerless lathes, and straightening machines. Our commitment is to provide efficient and innovative solutions for the industrial sector.

Infrastructure: Spread over 66,600 sq. meters, with investments exceeding 150 million Yuan, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Team & Technology: Our team boasts over 120 professionals, including 30 technical research specialists and 10 senior title holders, backing our technological innovations and product excellence.

Global Impact: From the USA to Italy, from Vietnam to Mongolia, our product footprint spans several countries, being the trusted choice for numerous enterprises.

Our Commitment: Our core values lie in continuous innovation, technological leadership, and customer-first approach. Our goal is to lead in the field of automation equipment, aspiring to be industry frontrunners.

Partnering with Dalian Mingcheng Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. ensures efficient, stable, and high-quality production. Let's co-create the future of industrial manufacturing!

Straightening machine qualification certificate 

Straightening machine qualification certificate

MC-80 Straightening Machine - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What materials is the MC-80 Straightening Machine suitable for?

Answer: The machine is suitable for metals with diameters ranging from ∮30-80mm.


2. What are the maintenance requirements for this straightening machine?

Answer: The MC-80 model is designed for low maintenance. However, for sustained performance and efficiency, regular inspections and cleaning are recommended.


3. What precision standards do metals meet after straightening?

Answer: After straightening, the linearity of metals reaches up to ≦0.5‰ per meter, with a diameter tolerance of ≦h8 (excluding the material head and tail by 100mm), and they have a superior surface roughness.


4. Do I need specialized training to operate the MC-80 model?

Answer: We recommend that users undergo specialized operation training. Although the machine is designed to be user-friendly, training ensures safety and efficiency.


5. What should I do for support if the MC-80 model experiences a malfunction?

Answer: If you encounter any issues, please first refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual. If the problem persists, you can directly contact our technical support team.


6. What differentiates the MC-80 model from other straightening machines?

Answer: The MC-80 model excels in processing metals in the ∮30-80mm diameter range, offering speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to other straighteners on the market, it has significant advantages.


We hope the above FAQ provides a clear understanding of the MC-80 Straightening Machine. If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch with us! Contact Us >>>


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