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MC-60 Straightening Machine

In the vast realm of metal processing, the demand for precision, efficiency, and reliability has never been higher. This is where the MC-60 Straightening Machine takes center stage, uniquely designed

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In the vast realm of metal processing, the demand for precision, efficiency, and reliability has never been higher. This is where the MC-60 Straightening Machine takes center stage, uniquely designed as the pinnacle of straightening technologies.

Understanding the MC-60 Straightening Machine:

At its core, the MC-60 is a specialized machine, developed meticulously for straightening raw materials post-peeling. What sets it apart? It's more than just its high efficiency. It's about providing the best straightening effect, making it the ideal tool for straightening all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal rods.

Several industries, from automotive to construction, require metals with utmost precision and smoothness. This is where devices like steel bar peeling machines and reinforced straightening machines come into play. The MC-60 is an evolution, catering not just to steel bars but an extensive range of metals.

MC-60 Straightening Machine

MC-60 Straightening Machine

Specifications of the MC-60:

Main Power SupplyAC 380V 50HZ
Control Power SupplyAC 220V 50HZ
Control System PowerDC24V
Straightening Length (Standard configuration is 6M)≧2m
Processing Range∮18-60
Straightening Speed1-25m/min
Straightening Roller Speed1-140rpm
Surface Roughness (for hot-rolled material)Ra1.6-0.8
Diameter Tolerance (excluding material head and tail 100mm)≦h8
Linearity (raw material)≦2‰
Linearity (finished product)≦0.5‰
Installed Capacity63kW
Dimensions (LxWxH in meters)14*4*2.5

The MC-60 Straightening Machine is composed of the main machine, feeding platform, input and output roller tables, a collection tank, electrical system, and a cooling system. Moreover, customization options are available to cater to specific requirements.

With its unmatched precision and efficiency, the MC-60 Straightening Machine stands as a testament to modern engineering in the metal processing industry. Whether you're dealing with steel bars or a range of other metals, the MC-60 is a tool tailored to meet the ever-growing standards of today's world. Invest in precision; invest in MC-60.

Our Services:

Before Sales:

- 24-hour online consultation.

- Sample testing support.

- Factory visits welcomed.

- Customization available.

 MC-60 Straightening Machine

After Sales:

- Training on installation and machine operation.

- Engineers available for overseas machine maintenance.

- One-year free warranty.

 MC-60 Straightening Machine


About Us:

MC-60 Straightening Machine

Founded in Dalian in 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to the research, production, and sales of metal peeling machines, centerless lathes, and straightening machines. Our commitment is to provide efficient and innovative solutions for the industrial sector.

Infrastructure: Spread over 66,600 sq. meters, with investments exceeding 150 million Yuan, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Team & Technology: Our team boasts over 120 professionals, including 30 technical research specialists and 10 senior title holders, backing our technological innovations and product excellence.

Global Impact: From the USA to Italy, from Vietnam to Mongolia, our product footprint spans several countries, being the trusted choice for numerous enterprises.

Our Commitment: Our core values lie in continuous innovation, technological leadership, and customer-first approach. Our goal is to lead in the field of automation equipment, aspiring to be industry frontrunners.

Partnering with Dalian Mingcheng Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. ensures efficient, stable, and high-quality production. Let's co-create the future of industrial manufacturing!



MC-60 Straightening Machine - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of metal materials is the MC-60 Straightening Machine suitable for?

Answer: The MC-60 is suitable for various ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials, especially rod materials with a diameter ranging between ∮18-60mm.


Do I need specialized training to operate the MC-60 Straightening Machine?

Answer: While the MC-60 is designed to be user-friendly, we still recommend users undergo basic operational training to ensure optimal straightening results and safe use of the equipment.


To what precision standards do metals meet after being straightened?

Answer: After straightening, the metal rods have a linearity of ≦0.5‰ per meter, with a diameter tolerance of ≦h8 (excluding the first and last 150mm of the material).


Where can I purchase spare parts for the MC-60 Straightening Machine?

Answer: You can contact us directly to purchase all original spare parts to ensure compatibility with your MC-60 straightening machine.


How do I get technical support if the machine encounters issues?

Answer: Should you face any technical problems, please first refer to the product manual. If the issue persists, you can directly get in touch with our technical support team.


What is the total power consumption of the MC-60 Straightening Machine?

Answer: The MC-60 consumes a total power of 63KW.


How does the MC-60 differ from other models available in the market?

Answer: The MC-60 straightening machine stands out in terms of size, performance, and efficiency, particularly when processing metals with diameters ranging from ∮18-60mm, making it superior to other models in the market.


What are the external dimensions of the machine?

Answer: The external dimensions of the MC-60 are 1442.5 meters.


We hope the aforementioned FAQ provides a clearer understanding of the MC-60 Straightening Machine. For any further inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us!


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