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Rotary Angle Band Saw

1. Product working principleThe rotary angle band saw machine adopts a double co

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1. Product Working Principle:

The Rotary Angle Band Saw Machine adopts a double column structure for enhanced rigidity, stability, and smooth sawing sections. With a rotating function of 0"~45", the machine achieves beveling at any angle without moving the workpiece. The rotation stops upon reaching the desired angle value.

2. Product Features:

  • Stable Structure: Double column structure for good rigidity, stability, and smooth sawing sections.
  • Guide Device: Effective saw blade guide device for extended blade life, featuring a stable structure and flexible movement.
  • Smooth Operation: Main drive with a turbine reducer for strong power and reliable performance. Precisely balanced and calibrated saw wheel for smooth and reliable operation.
  • Energy-Saving and Efficient: Narrow sawing kerf for material and energy savings, high sawing precision, easy operation, and high production efficiency.
  • Strong Scalability: Supports expansion of maximum sawing specifications and bundled sawing specifications to meet diverse field requirements.
  • Safe and Reliable: Hydraulic motor and water pump motor drive ensure safe and stable equipment operation.
  • Easy to Operate: Manual tensioning method for user-friendly and straightforward operation.

Rotary Angle Band Saw

3. Application Scenarios:

The Rotary Angle Band Sawing Machine is suitable for cutting and processing various metal materials, including steel, non-ferrous metals, and non-metallic materials. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, and other fields.

4. Why Choose This Machine?

  • Efficient, Precise, Stable: Improves cutting efficiency and accuracy for metal materials.
  • Simple Structure, Easy Maintenance: Reduces usage costs and enhances production efficiency.
  • Customization Support: Can be tailored for production and configuration based on customer needs.

Rotary Angle Band Saw

5. Differences from Similar Machines:

  • Different Structures: Adopts a double column structure for increased rigidity and stability.
  • Different Guide Devices: Features a reasonable saw blade guide device for effective blade life extension.
  • Different Main Transmission Methods: Uses a turbine reducer for powerful and smooth operation.
  • Different Scalability: Supports expansion of sawing specifications, offering a wider application range.
  • Different Safety Performance: Driven by a hydraulic motor and water pump motor for higher safety.
  • Different Operating Methods: Utilizes a manual tensioning method for convenient operation.

6. Product Parameters:

  • See the provided table for specific parameters of models GZ4226, GZ4230, GZ4235, GZ4240, and GZ4250.

Maximum cutting capacity (mm)Φ260Φ300Φ350Φ400Φ500
Saw blade size (mm)3152×27×0.93505×27×0.94115x34x1.14570×34×1.15370×41×1.3
Saw blade speed (m/min)40/60/80 (adjustable via tapered pulley)
Saw blade drive motor (kw)2.2kw(3HP)4.0KW(5.44HP)5.5KW(7.5HP)4.0KW(5.44HP)5.5KW(7.5HP)
Hydraulic pump motor (kw)0.42KW(0.57HP)0.75KW(1.02HP)1.5KW(2HP)0.75(2HP)1.5KW(2HP)
Coolant pump motor (kw)0.04KW(0.05HP)0.09KW(0.12HP)0.09KW(0.12HP)0.09(0.12HP)0.09KW(0.12HP)
Workpiece clamping methodHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Saw blade tension methodManualManualManualManualManual
Sawing machine weight (KG)6801400160018001600

7. Inquiry Guidance:

If interested or have questions, please contact us for detailed product information and solutions. Benefits of sending an inquiry or calling our service hotline include:

  • Accurate Product Information: Receive detailed product information and technical specifications.
  • Personalized Solutions: Get tailored solutions and suggestions based on actual needs.
  • After-Sales Service Guarantee: Understand the comprehensive after-sales service plan and rapid response mechanism for timely technical support.

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