Bar Peeling Machine
Bar Peeling Machine

In the realm of precision machining, the Bar Peeling Machine from MC emerges as a game-changer, delivering high-quality parts with unparalleled accuracy. Renowned for its efficiency and precision, bar peeling is a cornerstone in industries demanding tight tolerances and superior surface finishes. Let‘s delve into the world of MC‘s Bar Peeling Machine with this comprehensive guide.

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In the realm of precision machining, the Bar Peeling Machine from MC emerges as a game-changer, delivering high-quality parts with unparalleled accuracy. Renowned for its efficiency and precision, bar peeling is a cornerstone in industries demanding tight tolerances and superior surface finishes. Let's delve into the world of MC's Bar Peeling Machine with this comprehensive guide.

Introduction & Basics:

Principle of Operation: Unlike conventional machining methods, Bar Peeling Machines do not require any fixture or center hole in the workpiece. The workpiece undergoes precise peeling between two wheels without any holding.

Core Components:

Peeling Wheel: The primary wheel responsible for removing material from the workpiece.

Regulating Wheel: Controls the rotation and feeds of the workpiece.

Work Rest Blade: Vital for positioning and guiding the workpiece during the peeling process.

Centerless Grinding Machines

Centerless Grinding Machines

Centerless Grinding Machines

Bar Peeling Machine


Precision: Achieves unparalleled precision in attaining desired dimensions.

Efficiency: Capable of peeling multiple bars simultaneously, significantly enhancing productivity.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of materials and sizes.


Automotive: Precision peeling for engine components.

Aerospace: Essential in manufacturing aircraft components with demanding precision.

Medical Devices: Crafting surgical tools and intricate medical components.

Maintenance & Safety:

Regular Check-ups: Ensure all components are synchronized and functioning optimally.

Safety Protocols: Adhere to safety guidelines for mishap prevention and worker safety.

Industry Innovations:

Automation: Incorporating AI and machine learning for predictive maintenance and process optimization.

Environmental Concerns: Development of eco-friendly practices for coolants and waste management.

Bar Peeling Machine

Bar Peeling Machine

Why choose Mingcheng Bar Peeling Machine?

  1. Low Precision:

    • Traditional machines may lack high precision due to technological limitations or wear, resulting in inaccurate product dimensions control.

    • Modern machines utilize advanced control systems and sensors to monitor and adjust the machining process in real-time, ensuring product accuracy meets requirements.

  2. Long Downtime for Adjustment:

    • Traditional machines require downtime for adjustment when changing tools or product specifications, impacting production efficiency.

    • Modern machines are equipped with online tool adjustment capabilities, allowing tool adjustments without stopping the machine, saving adjustment time and improving production efficiency.

  3. Limited Machining Adaptability:

    • Traditional machines may have poor adaptability to products of different specifications and materials, requiring machine replacement or significant parameter adjustments.

    • Modern machines offer adjustable parameters such as spindle speed and feed rate to accommodate a variety of product specifications and materials, enhancing production flexibility and adaptability.

  4. High Energy Consumption:

    • Traditional machines may consume high energy due to inefficient design or the use of outdated components.

    • Modern machines employ more energy-efficient motors, hydraulic systems, and intelligent control systems, reducing energy consumption and meeting energy-saving requirements.

  5. Difficult Maintenance:

    • Traditional machines may be difficult to maintain and repair due to complex designs or aging components, leading to frequent breakdowns.

    • Modern machines are designed with modularity, making major components easy to replace and maintain. They also feature intelligent diagnostic systems to monitor equipment status in real-time, allowing timely detection and resolution of issues, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Before and after comparison

Bar Peeling Machine

Product parameters

Unit typeBP-40BP-80BP-100BP-150BP-250
Main power sourceAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZ
Control sourceAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZ
System control powerDC24VDC24VDC24VDC24VDC24V
Hardnesshot rolled material ≤HB310hot rolled material ≤HB310hot rolled material ≤HB310hot rolled material ≤HB310hot rolled material ≤HB310
Peeling length(standard configuration:6m)≧2.2m≧2.5m≧2.5m≧3.2m≧3.5m
Peeling diameter range size  (raw material)∮11-41mm∮21-85mm∮21-102mm∮71-155mm∮92-255mm
Peeling diameter range size  (finished product)∮10-40mm∮20-80mm∮20-100mm∮70-150mm∮90-250mm
The knife dish formfour knifefour knifefour knifefour knifefour knife
Blade adjustment modeAdjust the cutter online without stoppingAdjust the cutter online without stoppingAdjust the cutter online without stoppingAdjust the cutter online without stoppingAdjust the cutter online without stopping
Speed of mainshaft300-2000r/min300-1000r/min300-1000r/min200-450r/min70-260r/min
Peeling depth(diameter)0.5-1.5mm0.6-2mm0.6-2mm1-5mm1-5mm
Feeding speed0.5-12m/ min0.5-10m/min0.5-8m/ min0.5-5m/ min0.5-4m/min
Diameter toleranceh9-h11h9-h11h9-h11h9-h11h9-h11
Surface roughnessRa1.6-3.2Ra1.6-3.2Ra1.6-3.2Ra1.6-3.2Ra3.2-12.5
Out of   roundness≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05
Straightness (raw material)3‰≦3‰≦3‰≦3‰≦3‰
Straightness (finished product)3‰≦3‰≦3‰≦3‰≦3‰
Loading frame and unloadingframe's length
(standard configuration)
Total power58KW76KW76KW122KW119KW
Main motor power37KW55KW55KW90KW75KW
Feed motor power3.0KW*23.0KW*23.0KW*23.0KW*33.0KW*6
Pull out motor power3.0KW*33.0KW*33.0KW*33.0KW*33.0KW*4
Hydraulic pressure station motor power3.0KW*13.0KW*13.0KW*111KW*111KW*1
chip removal device motor pwer0.75KW*10.75KW*10.75KW*10.75KW*10.75KW*1
Motor power of the shrink knife0.4KW*10.4KW*10.4KW*10.4KW*10.4KW*1
Motor power of upper and lower roller table1.1KW*11.1KW*11.1KW*11.1KW*11.1KW*1
Boundary dimension16.5*3.2*1.916.5*4*1.916.5*4*1.918*4*2.120*4.5*2.4

  1. Precise Peeling Results:

    • Achieve a minimum surface roughness of 1 after peeling 1mm.
    • Attain a surface roughness of at least 0.8 after straightening, ensuring superior finish quality.
  2. Versatile Finishing Options:

    • Even when peeling 2mm, maintain excellent surface quality.
    • Post-straightening, achieve a minimum surface roughness of 0.8, providing flexibility in finishing options.
  3. Efficient Grinding Capability:

    • After straightening, grinding to less than 40 Ra is easily achievable.
    • For materials above 50 Ra, achieve a grinding range of 0.15mm to 0.3mm, meeting diverse precision requirements.

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Our service

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* Training on how to install the machine and training on how to use the machine.

* Engineers can repair machinery overseas.

*One year free warranty.

After-sales service

About Us

Since being based in Dalian in 2012, we have been committed to the R&D, production and sales of metal peeling machines, centerless lathes and straightening machines, providing efficient and innovative solutions to the industry.

Strong infrastructure: The company is located on 66,600 square meters of land and has a global investment of more than 150 million yuan, ensuring the high quality and efficiency of its products.

Technology and team: We have more than 120 professionals in our team, including 30 technical R&D elites and 10 people with intermediate and senior professional titles, which provides a strong backing for the company's technological innovation and product excellence.

International influence: From the United States to Italy, from Vietnam to Mongolia, our products have been sold in many countries around the world and have become the trusted choice of many companies.

Our commitment: continuous innovation, technology leadership, and customer first are our core values. Our goal is to continue to lead in the field of automation equipment and become the leader in the industry.

Cooperating with Dalian Mingcheng is the best choice to ensure efficient, stable and high-quality production. Let’s create the future of industrial production together!



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1. What industries are your machines suitable for?

A: Our equipment is used in many fields such as machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, steel, copper, titanium, aluminum and magnesium industries, and is widely used in petroleum, electric power and bridge construction.

2. Why choose the metal rod peeling machine from Mingcheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.?

A: We combine high-quality machines, a one-year comprehensive warranty, free shipping insurance, and an experienced technical team to ensure a high return on your investment.

3. My project involves the production of slim shafts and hydraulic components. Is this applicable?

A: Yes, our machines are particularly suitable for the production of slim shafts, hydraulic and pneumatic components.

4. How long is the warranty period of the machine?

A: We offer a one-year comprehensive warranty on our machines.

5. What if the purchased machine is damaged during transportation?

A: We provide free freight insurance for the machine to ensure full protection. Any damage will be repaired or replaced by us.

6. How to install and use your machine?

A: We will provide you with professional installation guidance and training to ensure that you can fully and safely use the machine.

7. If I encounter machine problems, how can I get help?

A: You can contact our technical team by phone or email at any time. Whether it is remote troubleshooting or on-site repair, we will provide you with support.

8. Does your machine require special maintenance?

A: Although designed for long-term stable operation, we still recommend regular basic maintenance. We will provide you with maintenance instructions.

9. How do I purchase spare parts when I need them?

A: Please contact us directly, we will provide you with high-quality original spare parts and ensure fast delivery.

10. Why should I choose Mingcheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. as a supplier?

A: In addition to high-quality products and excellent service, our all-round commitment ensures that your investment is maximized and safe.

Thank you for choosing Mingcheng, If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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