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With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, the steel processing i

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With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, the steel processing industry has an increasing demand for efficient and precise machinery and equipment. As a leading manufacturer committed to providing state-of-the-art equipment to factories, MC is proud to introduce a new steel peeling machine designed to inject new power and efficiency into your production line.

Working principle

Our steel peeling machine adopts the most advanced peeling technology. Through high-pressure water flow and advanced mechanical system, it can completely remove the oxide layer and impurities on the steel surface, ensuring that your steel surface is smooth and flawless and achieves the best processing effect. .

Steel plate peeling machine

Performance characteristics

Efficient and energy-saving: Adopt advanced power system and energy-saving design to ensure efficient operation while reducing energy consumption.

Precise peeling: The precise control system ensures that each piece of steel can be peeled evenly and thoroughly, improving product quality and processing efficiency.

Stable and reliable: After strict quality inspection and testing, the equipment is guaranteed to be stable and reliable, and can operate without failure for a long time.

Steel plate peeling machine

Product details

Equipment structural design

Our steel peeling machine adopts advanced structural design, including stable frame, precision peeling head, adjustable water spray system, etc., to ensure that the equipment operates stably under high-pressure water flow and heavy load, and can adapt to different specifications and Shaped steel processing.

Control System

Our equipment is equipped with an intelligent control system, which can realize automated operation and parameter adjustment, improving the intelligence level of the production line. Users can easily set operating parameters through the touch screen interface, monitor the operating status of the equipment, and achieve remote monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Water pressure regulation technology

In order to meet the peeling needs of steel of different materials and thicknesses, our equipment adopts advanced water pressure adjustment technology, which can achieve precise adjustment and control of water pressure to ensure the best peeling effect under different processing conditions.

Self cleaning system

In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment for a long time, our steel peeling machine is equipped with a self-cleaning system, which can regularly clean and maintain the key components of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Security measures

We pay attention to the safety and operating comfort of users, so we have considered various safety protection measures in the design of the equipment, such as emergency stop buttons, safety fences, protective covers, etc., to ensure that users can work with confidence and safety when operating the equipment.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving design

Our equipment adopts environmentally friendly and energy-saving design, which reduces energy consumption and wastewater discharge, meets the requirements of modern industry for environmental protection and sustainable development, saves energy costs and reduces environmental load for your factory.

These product details demonstrate the advancement, intelligence and reliability of our steel peeling machines, allowing you to choose MC as your partner with confidence.

Steel plate peeling machine

Steel plate peeling machine

Steel plate peeling machine

Steel plate peeling machine

Advantage comparison

Compared with other machines of the same type on the market, MC's steel peeling machine has obvious advantages:

Higher cost performance: The equipment we provide is not only reasonably priced, but also has superior performance, bringing you a higher return on investment.

Longer service life: Careful design and strict manufacturing ensure the stability and durability of the equipment. Longer service life means lower maintenance costs and higher production efficiency.

Application scenarios

Mingcheng (MC) steel peeling machines are not only suitable for traditional steel processing industries, but can also play an outstanding role in multiple fields, injecting new vitality and efficiency into production lines in various industries.

Aerospace industry: Aerospace vehicles require the use of high-quality metal materials, and our peeling machine can ensure the smoothness and quality of the metal surface and meet the strict requirements of aircraft for material quality.

Electric power industry: Electric power equipment usually requires the use of precision metal parts. Our equipment can ensure the cleanliness and smoothness of the surface of the parts, improving the performance and stability of the equipment.

Food processing industry: Stainless steel materials used in food processing equipment need to maintain high hygiene standards. Our peeling machine can ensure the cleanliness and smoothness of the stainless steel surface and meet food safety requirements.

Construction industry: Building structural steel requires fine processing. Our equipment can ensure the quality and appearance of the structural steel surface and improve the aesthetics and durability of the building structure.

Environmental protection projects: The reuse of scrap metal requires the removal of surface pollutants. Our peeling machine can effectively remove impurities and oxide layers on the metal surface, providing a reliable treatment solution for environmental protection projects.

No matter what your industry is, MC's steel peeling machines can provide efficient and precise peeling solutions to help your production line achieve higher efficiency and quality levels.

Steel plate peeling machine

Why choose our machine?

Improve production efficiency: Efficient and precise peeling technology can greatly improve the efficiency of your production line, saving time and labor costs.

Optimize product quality: Completely remove the oxide layer and impurities on the steel surface to ensure product quality reaches the highest standards.

Reduce operating costs: Stable and reliable equipment design and one-year warranty service reduce equipment maintenance and operating costs.

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Mingcheng (MC) steel peeling machine is an indispensable production tool for your factory. Let us work together to create a better future!

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